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Heretic knives


Heretic Knives is the quintessential American story. TJ Marfione learned the ropes working at Microtech, the company his father Anthony Marfione founded. In 2015 TJ and wife Jessica stepped out and founded their own knife manufacturing company, Heretic Knives. They quickly gained a reputation as a maker of high quality, dependable, EDC and limited run production knives.

Today, the company focuses on mid-tech and production knives. Typically, production runs are small. And because of their reputation, when a new item hits the street, they sell out fast. They normally use upgraded materials like Elmax and CPM-20CV blade steel. Various handle materials are combined with the steels in many configurations and with different finishes. The combination of unique design sense and esthetics come together for a highly sought after product.

Some of AJ's most popular items are the Manticore line. The Manticore is an out-the-front, double-action automatic knife. These come in 3 sizes: the largest X, the medium E, and the smallest S.

Another popular product type is their out-the-side automatics. These come in 2 basic models: the Medusa which is a smaller size, and the Wraith which is the larger model. Again, all of these models come in various materials and finishes and of course price points.

Finally, Heretic Knives is an American product made by Americans. Because of that, they can offer a limited lifetime warranty. If you have an issue with any of their products, they'll stand behind it. In fact, they even offer free sharpening of their knives.

Because of all of these things, DNK Knives is proud to offer Heretic Knives for sale.

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