Review of SOG Tac Ops Automatic Knife

Posted by Don Farmer on

I've just been going over the SOG Tac Ops Automatic Knife. One of the first things I noticed is the knife is thin - .40". So on my belt, it lays low and out of the way. The grip is firm due to the finger grooves, jimping, and brushed Micarta handle. Even with a sweaty palm, there is very little slippage. Also, the deep carry pocket clip keeps the knife in place while stowed away.

Blade speed is fast enough to give a sense of confidence. It quickly pops open and reliably locks in place. This one is not so fast that you think it will fly out of your hand though.

All said, this is a reliable, American Made, quality knife built by a company with a reputation for making a full line of quality products.

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